a temporary stop on your journey home

CONGRATULATIONS on moving back into your home!

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We hope you and your family made happy memories in the trailer during this time, here are some next steps to help you move out of the trailer.

No Need To Be Home

Please leave the trailer door keys in the water heater compartment. Water heater location: Open the small door to the left of the entry, which has a twisty-type lock. Place the keys inside at the bottom. Close the door.

Empty Waste Water Tanks

Black and gray water tanks should be completely emptied, and tank valves closed.

External Holding Tank Final Pump-Out

If you have an external holding tank, please pump it out completely dry before the driver arrives to pick up the trailer. A service fee is charged if the tank is not empty like it was at delivery.

Prevent Freeze-Ups

During the winter and in colder climates, please keep the heater running and water dripping to prevent freeze-ups.

Stay Connected

Please leave the trailer plugged in so the battery isn't dead upon the driver's arrival.

Remove Personal Belongings

Double-check all cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas, and remove all personal belongings. Anything left inside the trailer will be disposed of.

No Inspection at Pick-up

The transport driver cannot sign off on any "no damage" request. All inspections are completed virtually and confirmed at the respective hub upon return. Be sure to complete the virtual check-out!


If a temporary power pole, utility work, or other utility-related systems are temporarily installed, it is the homeowner's responsibility to have the pole/meter/utility work removed and restore the property to its original condition.

No Obstacles

Make sure there are no obstacles blocking access to the trailer and property to avoid potential wait fees by the driver.

Virtual Check-Out below